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Perversions in Japanese Porn

November 22, 2018 | INTERESTING | No Comments

Japan has enjoyed porn illustrations and other forms of it since ancient time, and it has never been forbidden or censored in Japan, but for some short historical periods when authorities decided to experiment with policies. So generally, Japan is very positive about porn, but that, perhaps, became the reason why they have so many weird perversions in sex and videos. We will discuss the most harmless, though.

How Sasha Grey Became a Porn Star

November 15, 2018 | PORNSTARS | No Comments

Sasha Grey is a name taken by Marina Ann Hantzis, who is now 30 and who has already quit making porn videos. Sasha Grey was born in California in a family of a working class and they did not have particularly big money in the family. When she was five, her parents divorced. So Sasha, or rather Marina, was raised by mother who remarried in 2000. Her father died in 2015.

Differences Between Simple and VR Porn

November 7, 2018 | VR PORN | No Comments

Virtual reality is the new black in the sphere of entertainment. More and more companies offer new movies and games that provide an experience similar to none. The majority of people who tries these movies and games out are totally excited by the realistic illusion they had, and claim virtual reality is something that changes the world of entertainment.

Every year, Pornhub names some of the most popular actors and actresses in order to establish some kind of rating in the industry, and maintain a certain hierarchy. These ratings may mean basically nothing, but the viewers can look for the best stars’ videos and check them out, the actors and actresses can feel satisfied to be the first in some of the ratings, while the industry representatives assess who performed how and what are the general trends.

It was always a complicated task to maintain a stable and reliable career in the porn industry. This is due to several reasons. Firstly, new fresh faces appear almost every day; dozens of young men and women and beautiful features and fit bodies come to porn studios every day searching for a job. So older porn stars sometimes have to step aside and give way to younger and ambitious actors.