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Perversions in Japanese Porn

November 22, 2018 | INTERESTING | No Comments

Japan has enjoyed porn illustrations and other forms of it since ancient time, and it has never been forbidden or censored in Japan, but for some short historical periods when authorities decided to experiment with policies. So generally, Japan is very positive about porn, but that, perhaps, became the reason why they have so many weird perversions in sex and videos. We will discuss the most harmless, though.


Shibari is the art of tying without knots. In ancient Japan, it was considered humiliating to be fixed and tied with a knot, so they developed an art of making the person motionless virtually without making knots. With time, shibari acquired sexual connotation and started to be widely used in BDSM sessions, becoming a whole new fetish for some. Today, shibari is very popular in Japanese sex videos, and they demonstrate a good deal of fantasy about it.

Gay Porn

The culture of samurais caused the fact that many men were engaged in same-sex relationships and it was considered within the borders of the norm. Today, most gay people in Japan conceal the fact that they are gay. But overall the permissiveness considering gay sexual interaction lead to huge amount of Japanese gay porn.

School Girls and Virgins

Disturbingly, there is a fetish of school girls (and virgins are a parallel fetish) in Japan. Very young girls dressed in school uniform are a sexual fantasy of almost any Japanese adult male. It is illegal to employ teenagers for shooting sex videos, so this fetish is tapped into by using older actresses that look very young, or by drawing hentai porn.

Hentai, Monsters, and Tentacles

Hentai, or sexual anime cartoons, so to say, is an extremely popular genre of Japanese porn loved by people all over the world, not only in Japan. This is generally because in hentai, everything is possible – small children, young school girls, and boys, 12-years olds with huge boobs or penises, exaggerated physiological and

How Sasha Grey Became a Porn Star

November 15, 2018 | PORNSTARS | No Comments

Sasha Grey is a name taken by Marina Ann Hantzis, who is now 30 and who has already quit making porn videos. Sasha Grey was born in California in a family of a working class and they did not have particularly big money in the family. When she was five, her parents divorced. So Sasha, or rather Marina, was raised by mother who remarried in 2000. Her father died in 2015.

Sasha attended several schools but was never happy during the school age. She graduated early and started taking classes in acting, singing, and dance. To pay for living and studying, she worked as a waitress. However, she obviously lacked money and figured out that it will be easier for her to realize all her talents and aspirations if she makes big money quickly. So she decided to move to Los Angeles and enter the porn industry.

Her first sex video was an orgy with Rocco Siffredi, and she virtually became famous after it. Her unusual for porn actresses appearance and improvising eventually brought her 13 awards in the porn industry, including the Best Female Performer of the Year, twice. All who worked with Sasha underlined she was eager to do extreme things and unusual things, and yet she approached her work seriously and professionally.

Sasha Grey worked with numerous porn stars in the industry and even created her own agency L.A. Factory Girls. She stated that her parents were not particularly happy about her involvement in the adult movie industry, and that numerous times they tried to convince her to quit. However, Sasha knew her goals and so she decided to achieve what she wanted first. Despite all those issues within the family considering her job, Sasha and her mother are in good relationships.

It is stated that Sasha Grey became noticed as the next potential big sex movie star already after six months of working in the porn industry. She was called one of the most popular young porn stars, and one of the most popular stars overall in the adult movies