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It was always a complicated task to maintain a stable and reliable career in the porn industry. This is due to several reasons. Firstly, new fresh faces appear almost every day; dozens of young men and women and beautiful features and fit bodies come to porn studios every day searching for a job. So older porn stars sometimes have to step aside and give way to younger and ambitious actors.

Secondly, one has to be interesting as a personality, make viewers remember them for something peculiar or particular. That is why some porn actresses go for a plastic surgery and get huge boobs, or lips, or whatever – just to be remembered, to be peculiar.

Thirdly, even if the actor or actress is super cool, they have to continuously surprise their fans, to keep interest in themselves and their work, to make users wonder what comes next. In the sex industry, one is successful until one is famous, and one is famous until one is interesting. So there is a necessity to engage in more and more risky and shocking experience, so many actors and actresses quit.

However, there are old-timers that have been in the porn industry almost for ages. Well, not for ages, but for decades.

The Eternally Young Five

These women have had the longest porn careers possible and imaginable. Check these out:

  • Marilyn Chambers. She had an amazing career lasting for 35 years and stopped filming in 2007. She also worked as an exotic dancer and model. Marilyn is famous not only for her work in porn but also in other projects.
  • Georgina Spelvin – she also can boast 35 years of career in sex movies. She stopped working as a sex actress in the year 2004. As she herself states, she wanted to become an opera singer but had no voice for that. Then, she decided to become a ballerina but also failed, so