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Differences Between Simple and VR Porn

November 7, 2018 | VR PORN | No Comments

Virtual reality is the new black in the sphere of entertainment. More and more companies offer new movies and games that provide an experience similar to none. The majority of people who tries these movies and games out are totally excited by the realistic illusion they had, and claim virtual reality is something that changes the world of entertainment.

Porn industry also believes that virtual reality can change the world, especially the world of sex movies. Since VR technology made a strong entering the market, the porn industry has adopted it for own needs. Some adult content studios have seen such a promising potential in virtual reality technology that they totally changed their strategy and focused solely on VR adult movies xxxreal.com. So, virtual reality porn definitely differs from the usual one.

Is VR Porn Better?

Usual sex videos are, in fact, very different, and they offer any variety imaginable, from any angle, any position, etc. Today, almost anything can be found in terms of variety in porn. VR videos, on the other hand, are very limited in the meaning of poses and activities available to actors. At least this is the current situation. Due to the fact that most of the VR sex videos are shot from the angle of one of the participants (most frequently male), this participant cannot perform all the movements we are all used to in porn. Actually, he is almost motionless, because there is a camera constantly in front of his head.

Also, today there is no such variety in types and categories of sex videos shot in VR technology that is present on usual adult websites. The technology is still pretty new, plus a video of a standard length is shot twice as long, so the studios just did not have the time yet to film so many different videos.

Another difference is that to watch a simple sex video, one needs a device and connection to the web. To watch VR one, you need the Internet, device, subscription to the website, and